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"People who believe the challenge with DJing is how to manuever the mixer and decks could not be more wrong. That's the easy part. The challenge is in reading, understanding, feeling and touching your dance floor.
That is where practice makes perfect."

That's how Kim Bauer describes the art of DJing - and practice has made perfect with over seven and a half thousand hours behind the decks in clubs, bars, events, private parties, on yachts and festivals.

Whether on a sunstruck terrace where the cocktail sipping, summer loving people in a subtle way move their shoulders to the rythm of the music, or in front of 16 000 fist-pumping, screaming and shouting festival maniacs - it's all about what music can do to You.

"I am what they call an 'Open Format DJ'. To that expressions very core - it means I spin any genre. But to me it means I prefer to combine genres in an eclectic show - with highs and lows. Non-linear. Expect the un-expected", Kim Bauer explains. Check out the upcoming shows list to catch the groove, or get in touch to book a gig!
10+ years
1500+ shows
7500+ hours
Contact & Booking Inquiries:
+46 (0) 700 71 31 31